Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September is Over

Top Line: Since last Wednesday's reversal, stocks have stayed under the high set that day. We will look to that September 23rd high as our ceiling.

Today's action gave us more questions than answers due to the early freefall followed by a churn higher. That up move took stocks back to where they were in the morning.

The market is struggling with several items this week. The Big one is the jobs' report on Friday but today's end of quarter probably had something to do with the somewhat wild ride. The quarter was very strong and the big money needed to do their final adjustments to show they managed to participate in the big rally. The morning's news provided the media with enough reasons to be confused and you can read their accounts for yourself.

Last week's highs should hold. We have seen a continued rally for the entire third quarter. No, it hasn't been studded with a lot of big days but just a steady churn higher. This gives people a sense of security and gets them to buy. The media have been calling for a high for a long time and we have been bearish for most of this rally, too. This has not been a good quarter for the Update. Maybe fourth quarter will be better.

Let's take a look at two of our indicators, GDX and TLT. GDX seems to have topped two weeks ago while the broader market seems to have topped a week ago. This is very compatible with the leading nature of GDX. As for TLT, it continues to be strong, putting in new highs for the move around 99. This action means the TLT has rallied over 10% from its lows. Higher prices for TLT, our long bond proxy, means that the safety play is still happening. That implies that the smart money is probably moving out of the stock market and into safe positions.

These two indicators are still lined up with our thinking process that we are in the early stages of a stock selloff. The next two days should be interesting. The first day of the quarter may give us clues to the rest of the quarter but the second day will provide some hesitation as we get the September jobs' report. What would you want to get into tomorrow. We generally say that the jobs' report marks an important point in the month. This month could continue that tradition. We expect October to have a down trend so Friday morning could give us an effort to best last week' highs and fail...or, it could give us something else. We prefer the former.

Take care and we'll be back on Sunday evening.


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