Wednesday, September 02, 2009

GDX Screams

Top Line: The market did decide to slide on Tuesday after all the "good" news on the economy earlier that day. Now what? The stock market still needs to go down to get rid of some of the bullishness.

Yes, the switch from hugely bullish on Tuesday morning with a reversal from the down open to the positive situation an hour after the open. Then we see the Real reversal going from the 50 plus to the 200 minus. People are fickle and change their minds easily. It's a trader's mentality. The way a person decides what to do can't be something that happens with a 200 point swing in the Dow Jones Industrial average. Going from bullish to bearish in a couple of hours. Please.

The stock market seems to have put in a top on Tuesday morning. We won't be sure until we see some more selling but the idea that the market should go down is still in effect for the Update. As we patiently wait for the market to continue what it started on Tuesday, we will probably see a few days of upside going into the holiday weekend. This, of course, is Not guaranteed.

There is this one other Thing that we need to discuss, GDX. Did you notice that GDX was up nearly 10% today? We are not that happy about it since we don't own very much of it anymore. We were hoping to get most of it back in the area of 36 but that will now need to wait and possibly need to be raised. Gold itself jumped as it looked like it wanted to break out of its recent tight range. Gold mining stocks usually signal the move but actually followed this move today which doesn't confirm this move...still, the 10% move is convincing.

Treasury bonds have had a good few days and now are getting to a place where we might be willing to start thinking about selling them. We have been watching the TLT and have seen about 10% rally in the last couple of months with possibly some more to go. We will be looking to sell them as the market goes down. We'll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, the market continues to keep people guessing. That's the way it works, keep most of the people losing money.

This weekend is Labor Day and the Update will not be posting on Sunday evening as usual. We will post on Wednesday evening next week. We are not sure when we'll get back to a normal daily schedule or if we should. We'll keep you informed and if you have any thoughts, let us know in comments. Have a great weekend.


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