Wednesday, September 09, 2009

09-09-09 Update Failure, One of Many

Top Line: The stock market seems to have some strong buying interest on dips the last few weeks. The has been little net progress in the indexes but a pop to finish the move is possible.

We have been saying for months that the SP500 would go up to 1234 on this day, 9-9-09. Well, we missed by about 20% but we did get the direction right. We went back to our March posts to see when we were suggesting this level. It was on Sunday evening, March 22, go check the archives at the left for yourself. In fact, take a look at how bullish we were back then during the weeks surrounding the low on 3-6-09, SP500 of 666.

But, that was then and this is now. We have become much more bearish in our thinking over the past few weeks and have moved to a net short position which has just been painful as the market continues to defy gravity. What does the market tell us now?

The market has done very little in the way of net gain for several weeks. It has frustrated the bulls and the bears but maybe it has opened the door for some resolution now that full September trading is here. We say that but we realize that trading is not very strong in general. Citigroup continues to dominate trading (day trading probably) as it contributes greatly to the daily volume every day, at a price around 4 dollars. This is what the volume on the NYSE has come to, one stock trading around 4 bucks. This isn't something for stock technicians to be hanging their bullish hats on day after day.

But, we digress. The stock market may have some upside left. We thought that the market would take a breather when it got to an overbought position and it did but it was more like a shallow breath. The NASDAQ indexes as well as some other broader indexes did break their August highs today even though the SP500 and the Dow did not. We think it shows the wrong message if you are bearish. For bearish thinking you want the generals to be leading not the troops. So, we are again on the wrong side of this move. We can't say how far it will go from here but there certainly doesn't seem to be any real selling in sight.

From a contrarian's viewpoint, that is one of the most important considerations, complacency in sentiment. There seems to be no fear in the market as the volatility indexes hang around here in the low 20's. The other interesting event has been the GDX. We recommend a quick look at a ten day chart of GDX. You will see it sitting around 38-39 for the early part of that period and then a rally that culminated on Tuesday morning on a jump to nearly 47.50 and now followed by a close around 44 today.

One of the hedged gold miners, ABX, (American) Barrick Gold, one of the largest miners, announced that it would be unwinding its downside hedge. These miners like to protect themselves from a drop in the price of gold which is why they hedge. ABX has said it thinks the price of gold is going up. It is so strong in its belief that it is willing to unwind its downside hedge. In fact ABX is selling stock to pay for the unwind. This story seems to be part of the craziness in the gold mining stocks over the past seven days or so. Fascinating story for the contrarians. So bullish because gold can't go down...sounds like gold may be nearing a top.

We hope you enjoyed your 9-9-09 even though the SP500 did not reach our target for that day. We are still cautious and will be watching for more signals from the market.


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