Sunday, October 04, 2009

Jobs' Report Disappoints

Top Line: The stock market seems to be tracing out a down move. The Dow dropped 200 points on Thursday and failed to make any headway on Friday after the jobs' report. The market should have a solid intermediate high in place and we will see how far it can go down.

Since the 23rd, the Dow has dropped about 400 points and we don't think the first wave is complete. The market may try a quick pop on Monday morning or maybe a little longer than that. After that we should see another drop to a fresh low for the move. At that point we may have the first completed down wave which will tell us some more about how far we can go down.

If we were to guess, that first wave could be around 550 points down to the 9350 level in the Dow. That should give us a good read on the next move which we will project when we have that information. For now, we would say that would mean about a move to 8500 in the Dow in the next month or so. More as we see it develop.

TLT jumped above 100 as the jobs' report was announced Friday morning but then dropped the rest of the day. Still, TLT is showing some strength over the past month and should give us some confidence in our current position that the market is declining. Meanwhile, GDX dropped to a relative low on Friday morning. Both of these indicators support our position.

October should give us a much anticipated drop in the market. The Update will be back on Wednesday evening and we'll see how things go.


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