Monday, June 09, 2008

Lost Our Post Tonight

Top Line: Monday's trading was a roller coaster with a lot of movement both up and down. The trading in the overnight futures seems to be telling us to look for more downside on Tuesday. Asia is trading down this evening probably catching up with Wall Street from Friday since several of the Asian markets were closed yesterday. All of this gives us the possibility of a down opening...which doesn't really mean much normally.

Today we received an email from one of our readers who said we could include some of the comments here in the blog. The reason for the addition of these comments is to provide some added insight into the basis for our position about the way the powers that be have taken us through the last couple of bubbles.

Sorry, about that...We had written a pretty good post but lost it in cyberspace :-( We'll try to bring the essence of the post to you's too late to re-create this evening. Here are some pics that were part of the autosave, that apparently did not work...

Jason and Bennett ran a half marathon together on Saturday:

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