Sunday, June 29, 2008

At Least There Are Grandson Pics

Top Line: Friday's action showed a little underlying strength in the NASDAQ relative to the Dow in the final minutes of the day. This is a small and possibly insignificant detail but it does start to open the door for a little bounce in the stock market. We have the end of the quarter, end of the month and a long holiday weekend ahead of us.

Here we are on Sunday evening, reading about the market and looking for something to mention in the blog post. While there are a lot of miscellaneous things going on, the market is our primary focus and there are several outcomes. With the market oversold, the bounce theory may be the best one. The bounce should be more like a temporary pause in the downtrend.

We would not be surprised if the market decided to drop hard but we think the market will wait until a better time to drop, as they say, in a non-linear move. Hopefully we can wait until we see what tomorrow will bring before we have to decide what, if anything, to do.

FSI: 86.80 (down again)

In the mean time, we do have a couple more pics of Jackson to share with you.

Jackson and Gramma Pam

Jackson laughing at the camera man

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