Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Just a Few More Pics and a Little Commentary

Just a few more pics of my grandson for those of you who might be interested (I had some complaints about not having Gramma in the pictures so here you go):

Gramma Pam is all smiles.

Even though Jackson doesn't Always smile.

They do seem to like each other, don't you think?!?

Dad Jeff seems comfortable even when Jackson is screaming.

Jackson calms with Dad's thumb to suck.

And, Grampa Glenn is content with the entire event.

Ok, back to the market for a short Update. Look for a full Update tomorrow. For those of you who have come to visit for a day or two, come back tomorrow for the basics on Update and find out what we're all about.

Top Line: The stock market got a boost from the Oracle and the Sec'y of Treasury on Tuesday with the Dow moving up 133 points but the NASDAQ failed to break even, closing down just a few cents. The market is in a very dangerous place right now. The rally of the last few sessions looks like it is about to roll over into the abyss.

As you have heard by now, Warren Buffet, aka, the Oracle of Omaha, has made an offer to help the bond insurers acquire some capital. Of course, Mr. Buffet is not in a particularly "giving" mood when it comes to his investments. How do you think he got to be a billionaire? Surely not by being willing to take on a lot of risk without any reward.

He has offered to buy the Municipal Bond portfolio insurance premiums if the companies in question also give him an additional 50% above that amount. We are not sure if the investors in those companies will be willing to pay that much. That would leave these companies with a lot of poor performing assets that they are insuring.

Then there was the announcement from Treasury Sec'y Paulson who said that there should be a moratorium on foreclosures for 30 days to give more time to some who might be able to renegotiate their mortgage situations. The government is here to help, again.

There is another article from Glenn Beck (hm...another Glenn) comparing the latest government rebate program and FEMA's efforts after hurricane Katrina.

More tomorrow...come back then, we'll be back.

FSI: 79.65 for Monday and now 78.55 for Tuesday (yes, we'll explain this tomorrow)


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nice, very nice. not the market, duh, the pics and the whole new generation thing.

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