Sunday, February 10, 2008

Grandson Monday?

Top Line: Well, the market has given us an early warning that it is ready to go down in a big way. When the Dow starts to head down now, there should be no stopping it until we get to an intermediate low. Oh, that will be a ways down and we won't be concerned about it right now. Let's just say that the low of late January should be the first target for us to be watching but it will not hold.

We apologize for the brief post this evening. In fact, we expect the market to go down as we kind of sit back and watch it. The posts this week will be available but there is a grandson coming tonight so we are going to be savoring the events of the week. Of course, there is an options expiration on Friday which should sort of top off the week. Take care. We'll be back tomorrow.

FSI: 78.21 (strong 3% move--still down nearly 3o% this year, yes 30%)

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