Sunday, April 22, 2007

New Dow Record High

We break from our normal format this evening and bring you a brief post. The stock market obviously broke out of its box on Friday and we have something new to deal with this week—something we mentioned in the past week or so. There are some things to say which we will address in our next post. It is late and we have just returned from a short weekend trip which doesn't allow us the luxury of a good post. The market may give us more signs in Monday's trading so we will watch for and report on that in the next post, tomorrow evening. The market is on an incredible run with an unbelievable 15 up days in 16 trading days. At the very least, there is not much more upside in this thing short term or in the intermediate term.

Dow Industrials: 12,961.98 +153.35 (New record high)
VIX: 12.07
HUI: 356.16
QQQQ: 45.40
QQQRS: 0.81 bid
QQQRT: 1.21 bid
RYVNX: 15.93
RYAIX: 20.90
RYCWX: 33.33
TLT: 88.15
BEGBX: 14.01

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